Photo Editing -Blur and Brighten-

Posted By on Feb 28, 2014

Blur and Brighten

When I post pictures on my food blog, Comfort Food Infusion, I want my pictures to be as attractive as possible. I understand the basics of photography and know a little about using natural light to achieve optimal results, but I use a basic ‘point and shoot’ camera. My simple Cannon camera takes beautiful pictures, but sometimes the images could use minor to moderate touch-ups. The picture of this dessert parfait is a wonderful example of what I can create with a so-so image. I certainly did not want my messy kitchen to be visible in the background, so I first cropped it. Then was the issue of my horribly wrinkled shirt (don’t judge, I’m a busy mom 😉 ) that I knew would be visible, but also knew that I could ‘fix’ it by selecting it and blurring it with a Gaussian blur effect.  The color needed some vibrancy and brightening as well, and finally I added the blog’s watermark.

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