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Posted By on Feb 25, 2014

open gate farm 260 x 170

Here is another logo I created where a photo was the inspiration. A small farm in Washington, “Open Gate Farm” grows fresh, organic produce. Their crops are grown right in the backyard of their multi-acre residence. The plaque that adorns their front gate was used in the logo. I originally created it for screen printing use, but the logo has been used in other applications as well.

open gate T 260 x 170

open gate inspiration 260 x 170

 Currently, Jon and Elaine Stevens (owners of the Open Gate Farm) have a much larger project that they are passionately embracing. I am so full of admiration for their noble, humanitarian, non-profit organization. Read more about:

Growing Gardens For Life

Teaching orphans and at risk children around the world how to raise healthy food.



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