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Adalyn Inspiration

There are many things that can inspire the creation of a logo or website. In this case, a photograph was one of the inspirations for Adalyn Farm’s logo. I stumbled across the picture of a beehive cake (handmade by the mother for their daughter’s birthday) in Adalyn Farm’s Facebook feed, and knew it was the perfect focal point for their logo. It says something about the owners, husband and wife, Adam and Joscelyn: they are creative, family oriented, hardworking, talented… and they have bees on their farm. Even the way the cake was displayed, and the dish, and the setting, said something about the couple and their farm. A few elements later (and a few conversations with the owner), the logo was complete.

Other sources of influence could be: favorite colors, places, art, buildings, food, hobbies, the list goes on and on. Go through some old scrapbooks or photo albums. Clip ideas out of magazines (or save a bunch of Google images to a gallery).

What motivates you? What moves you? When do you feel ‘in your element?’ These are all things to consider when constructing a website or designing a logo.



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