ginger cartoonHi! My name is Ginger and I am a graphic artist. I have over 30 years of graphic art experience. Many of those years were spent creating as a hobby. Five of those years have been spent designing graphics professionally- for screen print graphics, advertisements, logos, websites, and more. My platform of choice for graphic design is Photoshop. What I can produce with Photoshop is endless, from enhanced photos, to print graphics of all kinds.

Another resource I use is WordPress. I have created and managed many websites with WordPress and have found it has endless capabilities. I can edit, customize or program WordPress to achieve virtually any type of website desired. I have knowledge in FTP, CSS, HTML, plugins, SEO optimization, social media integration, Google analytics, and so much more.

My graphic services are not limited to Photoshop and WordPress. I also have knowledge using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and video editors. Anything graphic design related is a passion of mine. I am a perfectionist, I am open minded, I truly appreciate originality, and I strive to develop my artistic ability and creativity. I listen well, and am intuitive. Come to me with your ideas and I will help you create a logo, website, and/or any other digital or graphic products that are uniquely yours. I look forward to talking with you!

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